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20. sierpnia 2009 16:09:00

Peace Corps and other aid workers pick up a working knowledge of the language very quickly and there are language courses available that will enable you to get by with just four to eight weeks of intensive study. See Courses (p357) for details. In books, the best source for the serious language student is  Teach Yourself Nepali by Michael Hutt and Abhi Sabedi, which concentrates on both written and spoken Nepali.

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Trekking Komentarze (2)
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The heartland of Nepal is far from any roads, and the only way to get there is by walking through endless ranges of hills. It’s a rewarding experience to join local people and walk to remote villages and the foot of the Himalayan peaks. Trekking in Nepal means a walking trip following trails, many of which have been used for centuries. It is not mountaineering, although some of the popular trekking trails are used by mountaineering expeditions on their approach marches. Their length varies – there are popular treks that only take a day and others that last a week or a month. Nepal offers some of the most spectacular and beautiful scenery in the world. It has a near monopoly on the world’s highest peaks – eight of the 10 highest are found here. Mountain flights may give you superb views, but there is absolutely nothing like waking up on a crystal-clear Himalayan day and seeing an 8000m peak towering over you.Trekking in Nepal is not like hiking through an uninhabited national park. Local people are constantly passing by on the trails, usually carrying extraordinarily heavy loads of un-expected items. Along many routes there are regularly spaced villages in which to pause and find shelter. In the villages you can meet people from diverse ethnic groups. The warm, outgoing nature, general friendliness and good humour of Nepalis is often noted by trekkers. Religious festivals can make trekking even more enjoyable and interesting.This chapter outlines the basic requirements for safe trekking on the mountain trails and gives an overview of the major trekking routes where you can stay in local lodges each night. For treks to more remote regions, you will require more detailed advice, maps and route descriptions; check out Lonely Planet’s Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya. This chapter covers multiday hikes: for our top 10 day hikes.

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POPULATION  Komentarze (1)
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Nepal had just over 23 million people at the last census (2001) and this number is increasing at the rapid rate of 2.45% annually. Over 1.5 million people live in the Kathmandu Valley, 700,000 of them in Kathmandu. Nepal remains predominantly rural; 85% of people live in the country side. Over 50% of Nepal’s population live in the flat fertile lands of the Terai and the population here is increasing rapidly.There are around 130,000 refugees, some Tibetan, but most expelled from Bhutan, kept in camps in the far east of the country.

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WHEN TO GO  Komentarze (1)
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 Nepal has a typical monsoonal, two-season year. The dry season runs from October to May and there’s the wet (monsoon) season from June to September. Autumn (September to November) and spring (March to May) bring almost perfect weather and are definitely the best times to come to Nepal. For more on the best months for trekking see  p324 .October to November, the start of the dry season, is in many ways the absolute best time. With the monsoon only recently finished, the country-side is green and lush, the air is sparkling clean and the Himalayan views are near perfect. Furthermore, the weather is still balmy. There are some important and colourful festivals to enjoy, though the Dasain festival in October can be disruptive if you are on a tight schedule (see  p367 ). For obvious reasons this is also the high tourist season but in recent years, due to the political problems, even Nepal’s ‘high season’ has been pretty quiet.In December and January the climate and visibility are still good, though it can get very cold at high altitudes. Heading for the Everest Base Camp at this time of year can be a real feat of endurance and the Annapurna Circuit is often closed by snow on the Thorung La. Down in Kathmandu, the cheaper hotels – where there is no heating – are chilly in the mornings and evenings. Tourists start to leave Kathmandu in December like flocks of migratory birds, headed for the warmer climes of India or Thailand. October to February are considered the best times to visit the Terai and Royal Chitwan National Park.February to April, the tail end of the  dry season, is the second-best time to visit. The weather gets warmer so high-altitude treks are not as arduous. Visibility is not as good as earlier in the dry season, but Nepal’s wonderful rhododendrons and other flowers are in Technicolor bloom. May and early June are not the best times to visit as it is extremely hot and dusty, with temperatures often above 30°C, and the coming monsoon seems to hang over you like a threat.Mid-June to September, when the monsoon finally arrives, is the least popular time to visit Nepal. Although it doesn’t rain all day it usually rains every day, and the trails and roads are muddy and plagued by
leeches; the Himalaya disappear behind rain clouds; most rivers are too high to raft; and landslides often hold up transport. The latter part of the monsoon (August and September) is a time of festivals, which will certainly enliven a visit to Kathmandu, and this is also the best time to visit neighbouring Tibet.Because of its lower altitude, Pokhara is warmer and more pleasant
than Kathmandu during winter, but hotter before the monsoon and wetter during it.

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Kathmandu to Pokhara  Komentarze (1)
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Most travellers rush the journey between Kathmandu and Pokhara, missing some of Nepal’s hidden gems. The hills that flank the 206km Prithvi Hwy contain some of the most important
religious sites in Nepal, but most visitors whistle through on tourist buses and see little of what the area has to offer. We strongly recommend taking at least two days for the journey
between Kathmandu and Pokhara to see more of this interesting and unspoiled region. Heading west from Kathmandu, the first of several possible places to break the journey is the Manakamana Mandir near Mugling, one of the oldest temples in central Nepal and an important destination for Hindu pilgrimages. Further west, Gorkha is the former capital of the Shah dynasty, while the nearby hill town of Bandipur is a living museum of Newari architecture and culture. As well as these historic points of interest, the highway is lined with modern townships that have sprung up around important road junctions and river crossings. Most are fairly unappealing but there’s always the chance you could end up staying overnight while chang-ing buses. Dotted between these settlements are numerous roadhouses where buses stop for snacks and toilet breaks. Where you end up will depend on the bus company but the food is normally hygienic and cheap. Even if you don’t stop between Kathmandu and Pokhara, the scenery along the road is dramatic. The highway follows a series of deep river valleys, passing ancient stone villages, cascading rice terraces, rocky gorges and roaring rapids crossed by precarious suspension bridges. On clear days, most of the way to Pokhara there are views of Machhapuchhare and the Annapurna massif.

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